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I am a former "little-bit-of-everything". I have worked as an exotic dancer, escort, peep-show model, dominatrix and adult actress. I spent 13 years of my life exploring this industry and found it to be incredibly liberating and empowering, as well as exhausting, degrading and something that at times seemed to eat my soul. Some women depending on background and circumstances, enjoy and stay in the business for most of their lives, others do not. I chose to leave. Part of this is about what I went through and how I finally got out. I want to help those women and men in the industry who are not happy with what it is doing to their spirit to find the strength and resouces to make a living in a way that is kinder to them. Just as important, I want to help raise awareness that the people in this industry are not "bad", or immoral, tainted or permanantly damaged. We are beautiful and valuable and human. I have decided that the sum of my life is about more than just coming out the other end of my crazy life whole and happy, I need to give back in a broader way. This is the start of how I will say "Thank You".

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This album is simply amazing! I listen to it whenever I need to relax, chill out, meditate or just take a deep breath. It calms me every time. Thanks San, you have put some real beauty out into the world.

San Danvian: DEBUT RELEASE HITS ONLINE RETAILERS: YES! The long-awaited debut album is finally here, the concept of which was born more than two decades ago in a dream. Writing ...

Friday, April 22, 2011

What's going on???

This blog is still under a bit of construction while I give serious thought as to what I want to say and how I could best say it. My message isn't just for me or about me, and it is important that I do this right so please be patient. I will try and have things up and running by sometime in June. Namaste.